Natural crystals and gemstone jewellery for your mind and soul

Take a leisure stroll at the parks,
breathe in the crisp fresh air to clear your mind. 
Head to the beach to feel the wind in your hair,
and the waves crash against your skin and refreshes you. 
Pick out a lucky stone, and toss it into the creek as you make a wish.
Wear jewellery that Mother Nature gifted you,
and feel the crystals and stones heal your mind and soul.
<3crystal and gemstone jewellery
Crystals and gemstones are said to help promote the flow of positive energy, and have healing abilities for our bodies, mind and soul. If you’re feeling down and in the rut, these trinkets can help transform negative energy to positive ones to aid in emotional and spiritual healing. Although there is no scientific evidence to support the use of natural crystals and gemstones, we’re absolutely in love with how these gifts from Mother Nature look as jewellery!crystal and gemstone jewellery

It is important to note though, that jewellery crafted with crystals and gemstones should not be in contact with any other chemical properties or soaked in water. Do remember to remove the jewellery pieces before you head for a swim or for a workout.crystal and gemstone jewellery

Cleaning your crystal and gemstone jewellery
Crystal and gemstone jewellery lasts a long time when they are cleaned regularly and cared for appropriately.
Here are some simple tips on keeping these trinkets in tip top condition:

  • Clean. using a soft, damp, lint-free cloth. Do not use any harsh chemicals
  • If there are buildups of dirt, use a soft brush to gently brush around the area with warm water and a small amount of mild detergent. Dry the trinket completely after that with a lint-free cloth.
  • Keep the items in a sealed ziplock bag or jewellery pouch.
crystal and gemstone jewellery

A crystal of strength and growth, the Moonstone helps promote love, peace and calmness.crystals and gemstone jewellery It also helps with strengthening good relationships so it’s a good crystal to own to wear on a daily basis.crystal and gemstone jewellery925 RAINBOW MOONSTONE PENDANT NECKLACE925 AMOUR MOONSTONE EARRINGS, 14K ROSE GOLD VERMEIL

The Howlite is considered a relatively rare stone that can help improve one’s focus and concentration.crystals and gemstone jewelleryIt also helps strengthen your driving force and concentration so it is no wonder that this stone is extremely popular amongst people who are seeking career success.crystals and gemstone jewellery


The Onyx shields one from negative energy, protects you, boosts focus and willpower. It is said to also protect the wearer from evil.crystals and gemstone jewelleryJewellery crafted with the Onyx crystal is exceptionally popular among those who are into less feminine jewellery!crystals and gemstone jewellery


The Turquoise stone helps stabilise mood swings, instil calmness and promotes self realisation and aids in eliminating exhaustion. crystals and gemstone jewelleryCelebrated for its vivid and beautiful colour, Turquoise gives life to a piece of jewellery instantly.crystals and gemstone jewellery925 THE EVIL EYE BEADED TURQUOISE BRACELET

Amazonite is a soothing stone that helps dispel negative energy and calm your mind. crystals and gemstone jewelleryThe gemstone also helps to strengthen the body, and is effective in taking away fatigue. crystals and gemstone jewellery925 BEADED AMAZONITE BRACELET925 BEADED AMAZONITE NECKLACE

Labradoritecrystals and gemstone jewelleryKnown as the mystical or magical crystal, the Labradorite promotes self-confidence, growth and courage.  Boasting a lustrous mix of colours, the crystal gives off a beautiful multicoloured sheen under light. crystals and gemstone jewellery925 LABRADORITE BEADED BRACELET

Which of the above are you going to pick as amulets for your body, mind and soul? We’re so spoiled for choice!

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