Adjusting your latch-back earring backings

When putting on your earrings, please note that you should not use too much force to pry open the latch-back portion of the earrings. As the nature of 925 sterling silver is fragile, exerting too much force might cause the jewellery to be bent out of shape. In any case when your earring seems loose or tight, you can make slight adjustments to ensure a better fit!

Follow the diagram below:

Adjusting latch-back earring | A KIND OOOF
  1. If it fits loose: Gently pull back the needle portion of the latch-back clasp till it tightens.
  2. If it fits tight: Loosen the latch-back clasp by gently pushing back the needle portion of the latch-back.



Adjusting your butterfly backings

Butterfly backs can be adjusted by gently squeezing or opening up the circle metal parts to tighten, or loosen the grip on your earring post.

Follow the diagram below:

Adjusting Butterfly Backings | A KIND OOOF

Please note that the butterfly back should not be too loose, as it will pose a risk of you losing your earrings! The grip should be snug enough for you to comfortably slide the backing on and off the earring post.