Hypoallergenic Minimalist 925 Silver Jewellery

Have you experienced itching, blotchy, swollen and inflamed earlobes, fingers, neckline or wrists after wearing a piece of jewellery? Hypoallergenic Minimalist 925 Silver Jewellery You might have developed a reaction to a particular jewellery metal used to craft your trinket that you wished you never purchased, and it ends up being thrown away. Often, such jewellery allergies are caused by nickel, which is the most common metal used in costume jewellery.Hypoallergenic Minimalist 925 Silver Jewellery
Our push for success at A KIND OOOF is to find a solution for modern women who face sensitivity issues when wearing jewellery! If you have sensitive skin, our hypoallergenic 925 silver jewellery pieces might be the answer to your problems. Let's steer clear of these nasties!Hypoallergenic Minimalist 925 Silver Jewellery
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"relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction"

925 silver jewellery often contain 7.5% of other metal alloys, as 100% pure silver on its own is too soft to use in jewellery crafting.Hypoallergenic Minimalist 925 Silver Jewellery Mostly, copper which is also a hypoallergenic alloy, makes up the other 7.5%. The combination of these 2 metals make up the perfect marriage for high quality hypoallergenic jewellery pieces suitable for daily wear.Hypoallergenic Minimalist 925 Silver Jewellery
Buy your 925 silver jewellery pieces from trustworthy retailers

However with that being said, it is important to purchase from trustworthy retailers (like us, heh! ) as some cheaply made silver jewellery pieces might have a chance of not being nickel-free. Hypoallergenic Minimalist 925 Silver JewelleryThese pieces might have been silver plated over another alloy that you might be allergic to. 

Keep your hypoallergenic silver jewellery pieces clean
Cleanliness also play a great part in keeping the irritation and sensitivity issues at bay. Hypoallergenic Minimalist 925 Silver JewelleryWearing hypoallergenic jewellery pieces daily exposes the items to countless dirt and grime that might make you feel itchy and rashy too. To prevent this from happening, clean your trinkets regularly with a silver polishing cloth, and deep clean your pieces to keep them fresh!Hypoallergenic Minimalist 925 Silver Jewellery
Alternatives to hypoallergenic silver jewellery

The neutral state and nature of gold makes it another alternative to silver that you can consider. For sure pure gold jewellery takes slightly more out of our pockets to own, so gold vermeil pieces might just be the perfect other option!Hypoallergenic Minimalist 925 Silver Jewellery
Our range of 14k and 18k gold gilded over sterling silver jewellery are dazzlingly luxe, classic, contemporary and affordable.Hypoallergenic Minimalist 925 Silver Jewellery
Check out our extensive range of affordable trendy, minimalist hypoallergenic 925 silver jewellery pieces on our webstore. Which hypoallergenic pieces would you pick out to wear forever?

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