And to share the source of inspiration from life.

“ A Kind Of Attitude, Belief, Charm, Confidence, Life.
A Kind Of…Me. ”

A Kind Of ... Me

A KIND OOOF is a brand that celebrates individuality. We aim to build a community of like-minded individuals who can encourage one another to be their most true self. It is ok to be different! Every person is special, and we wish for everyone to stay true to one’s beliefs, likes, and live life to its fullest.

A KIND OOOF was established in April 2019, retailing exquisite handcrafted 925 Silver jewellery pieces. Each jewellery piece is carefully selected, merchandised, and designed for every modern day woman to wear her most charming and confident self. Starting 2020, the brand has also expanded its lifestyle product category offerings, and we hope that your daily lives would be nothing short of beautiful.

Gentle like water, but at the same time tough
Be a modern woman
Live with a decisive and elegant attitude
Redefining value, to a kind of wilful perseverance to the things you like
Contemporary, modern, simple and exquisitely hand-crafted jewellery and lifestyle product inspired by life

這就是 A KIND OOOF 想傳遞的精神




Behind The Scenes with Founders ZZ Chen & Ethan Kwok

A KIND OOOF is founded by ZZ Chen (Creative Director) and Ethan Kwok (Director of Operations).

ZZ CHEN - Brand Founder & Creative Director
Instagram: @ZZZZZZOH

Born in Taiwan, I grew up loving arts and design. During the 10 years of my career, I had the opportunity to undertake Creative Director and Head of Visual Design positions for various popular fashion brands. Ethan and I got married in 2016, and we made the important decision for me to pack my bags for Singapore in 2018. It was not an easy move, there were sacrifices to be made, but I was insistent to continue doing the things I love, even if it was more challenging in a new environment. My passion for creating a brand that inspires everyone to be his or her best selves; to lead a beautiful, wondrous life burns on
with our brand – A KIND OOOF.

ZZ CHEN,出生於台灣,在藝術和設計的熱愛中成長
2016 與 Ethan 結婚

ETHAN KWOK – Brand Founder & Director of Operations

As a local entrepreneur with 15 years of experience in the graphic design and printing industry, I developed a keen ability for implementing thoughtful, creative, and unique methods for print collaterals that is vital for effective brand marketing. Starting the A KIND OOOF brand together with ZZ in 2019, I wish to bring the same burning passion that I have in design, into building a brand that resonates with
like-minded individuals.

與另一半一同開創 A KIND OOOF 做為新的起點

We wish that our accumulative experience would help us light the onward path to a positive future.
Let us turn our dreams into reality, and let us all live
A KIND OOOF wonderful life!