Lunar New Year, The perfect moment to “Wear Gold and Silver"!

We're just a few days away from the Lunar New Year, the special time when family and friends gather. Have you all picked out your new clothes and jewellery to bring in the festive spirit? Absolutely! It's the perfect moment to “Wear 916 Gold and 925 Silver"!

#Festive Mix of Red and Gold Jewellery

 Featuring: ( Left / Right ) :  916 Infinity Gold Facet Foxtail Chain Love Charm Bracelet (22K) / 916 Infinity Gold My Love Loop Earrings (22K)

Pairing the lucky colour of red with classic 916 gold jewellery
is a fantastic choice, whether it's a 916 gold necklace or 916 gold bracelet.

Featuring: ( Left / Right ) : 
916 Infinity Gold Luxe-Link Cable Chain Necklace (22K) ,
 916 Infinity Gold Moon Cut Bead Chain Necklace (22K) /  
916 Infinity Gold Oval Chain Love Charm Bracelet (22K)

The simple and elegant styles give off a grand yet refined vibe!

#Creating Vibes with 916 Gold Jewellery

Featuring: 916 Infinity Gold Chain Link Earrings (22K)

If you're not going for an all-red look, you can still create a warm festive atmosphere by mixing and matching with stylish and simple 916 gold jewellery.

Featuring:  916 Infinity Gold collection

Grab your 916 gold earrings, bracelets, and necklaces –
mix them all together to radiate a strong presence and invite good luck!

#Boosting Your Luck with 925 Silver Jewellery

Featuring: 925 |Handcrafted| Seedy Beady Bracelet , 
925 Silver Bianca Crystal Earrings / 925 Urla Pearl Earrings

Use classic 925 silver jewellery to spice up your fashionable outfit –
earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings – wear them all!
( Especially 925 silver rings – throw on a few extra. )
Embrace the idea of winning in every way,
and instantly create your own lucky charm!

Featuring: 925 Seine Twine Multifacet Bracelet

#Adding Elegance with Cubic Zirconia for a Stylish Look

To elevate your overall style, I highly recommend the
Cubic Zirconia series of 925 silver jewellery.

Featuring: 925 Orion Eternity Bracelet , 925 Silver Sparko Fresh Bling Ear Cuff , 925 Silver Stellar Eternity Ring

The sparkling pieces can instantly catch everyone's eye!

Combining 916 gold jewellery  and 925 silver jewellery for a lucky New Year's look is absolutely chic – whether it's for yourself or as a gift, it's a fantastic choice!

Let the Year of the Dragon sparkle with good fortune!

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