#Stayhomestyle Volume I - Stay In, Dress Up with A KIND OOOF

Minimalist jewellery

There are two things that we love to do - dressing up and heading out. For now, that seems a little difficult since we should all practice safe distancing as much as possible during this period! As working from home becomes the norm and we gradually become homebodies by hiding in our cribs, we believe that we should still dress up to maintain a sense of normalcy, and to set a positive tone for our days! Our Stay Home Style series seeks to inspire everyone to stay in, dress up (with daily 925 silver jewellery styling too of course) !test

VOLUME 1 - Pick Out Minimalist Silver Jewellery For Daily Wear

One will never go wrong with minimalist jewellery. Jewellery pieces that are able to complement your everyday look, without being overbearing, will definitely help to add points to your stay home style!

Minimalist Daily 925 Silver Necklace -  A combination of thin chains with small pendant designs.
minimalist jewelleryHere are our picks:

925 UNO BEAN PENDANT NECKLACEminimalist jewelleryThe design of this pendant looks like a miniature bean, thus giving it its name. A bean represents “the beginning of all things.” How adorably meaningful is this piece!

This minimalist oblong pendant is such a versatile piece. You can choose to wear it on its own, or layer on along with simple chain designs!

Minimalist Daily 925 Silver Rings - Simple banded designsminimalist jewelleryHere are our picks:

925 SIMPLO ROUND BANDED RINGminimalist jewellery 6Simple, but make it uniquely yours. This versatile round banded ring is a must-have staple in your jewellery box. This simple band allows you personalize up to 4 symbols, intricately hand stamped around the band. 

 925 LEGARO OPEN RINGminimalist jewellery 11Be open to endless possibilities of customization when it comes to this open ring style. The open ring design of this minimalist number makes it such a stylish piece

Minimalist Daily 925 Silver Earrings - Simple stud and hinged-back earring options

Minimalist jewellery 8Here are our picks:

925 MINIMALIST TWISTO EARRINGSminimalist jewelleryA simple pair of earrings, but with a twist! These are the perfect sized earrings if you are looking for something that is understated, but stylish.

925 CIANA COMBINATION STUD EARRINGSminimalist jewellery 12
Choose from our selection of ear studs to create your own Ciana Combination set made up of 3 pairs of earrings.

Minimalist Daily 925 Silver Bracelets - Simple thin chain designs

minimalist jewellery 11Here are our picks: 

Perfectly round, sterling silver beads featured on a shiny snake chain. Choose to wear this piece on its own, or pair it along with other simple bracelet designs to form a chic wrist stack.

925 FIGARO CHAIN BRACELETminimalist jewelleryThis simple, yet fashionable pick is crafted in 925 sterling silver. So minimalist, yet stylish.

 Shop our range of minimalist trinkets, suitable for your stay in, dress up occasions at www.akindooof.com

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