Valentine's Day Gifting Guide, 2022

“Hey, honey!~
I love you from the top of my head to the tip of my toes.
You will forever be my always.”Valentine's Day Gifting Guide 2022

The biggest day to celebrate love is just around the corner! Contrary to belief, Saint Valentine's Day is not only for lovers. Valentine's Day Gifting Guide 2022Take this chance to show the people whom you care about, some love and appreciation. Yes, this includes your forever love, your best friend forever and of course, yourself! We've put together a list of our latest arrivals herewith to help you with your shopping. ;)

“Of all the alphabets, my favourite one is U.”Valentine's Day Gifting Guide 2022Featuring gold alphabetical letters on a dainty silver chain, put together a two tone necklace by picking out meaningful initials that your forever love can wear forever.Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2022925 BE MINE, FOREVER LOVE LOCK EARRINGS AND PENDANT NECKLACE
“Lock your love in my heart and throw away the key.”Valentine's Day Gifting Guide 2022A lock represents one’s undying devotion. Wear this symbol of love to dress up your gorgeous neckline on your romantic date out, or gift this meaningful trinket to the one you adore.Valentine's Day Gifting Guide 2022925 UNLOCK MY HEART PENDANT NECKLACEValentine's Day Gifting Guide 2022Gift someone you treasure the key to your heart. This necklace is such a pretty piece it instantly adds a touch of romantic vibes to your outfit.

925 HEART OF PEARLS EARRINGSValentine's Day Gifting Guide 2022
A sweet heart adorned with pearls. This girly pick is such a great gift for that special lady you secretly admire.

925 PUFFY LOVE EARRINGSValentine's Day Gifting Guide 2022Be in the mood for love with these Puffy Love earrings. Featuring puffy, dangly hearts, this pair is too cute to be true.

925 KARLEE FRESHWATER PEARL NECKLACEValentine's Day Gifting Guide 2022Add a sophisticated gleam to every outfit. This lustrous freshwater pearl necklace is elegant, yet trendy. Perfect for every woman, this piece will instantly accentuate one’s neckline. Wear this on your girly date!

925 ANGEL HEART TWO TONE PENDANT NECKLACEValentine's Day Gifting Guide 2022This unique necklace features a dangly golden heart backed with a pair of angel wings. Symbolizing a guardian angel of love, may this piece of trinket bring your BFF all the love she deserves in the world.

925 PLUSHIE TED EARRINGSValentine's Day Gifting Guide 2022We still love our teddy bears. Do you? Wearing this adorable pair of 925 silver stud earrings puts us in such a good mood, we hope it will for your best friend too!

925 OH MY HEART EARRINGSValentine's Day Gifting Guide 2022You will never go wrong with a sweet pair of heart-shaped earrings like this one. Crafted in hypoallergenic 925 silver, this precious trinket will last your BFF a lifetime. Just like your precious friendship!

925 WAFER ROLL EAR CUFFValentine's Day Gifting Guide 2022Match this ear cuff with our hot-selling 925 Wafer Roll Ring! Ear cuffs are such a genius invention. If you’re looking to wear multiple trinkets on an ear, but only have one piercing, simply slide an ear cuff like this one on. No holes needed!

925 ELIE SWAN EARRINGSValentine's Day Gifting Guide 2022A swan represents grace and beauty. Exude elegance with this simple pair of minimalist earrings.

925 MINIMALIST SPHERICO RINGValentine's Day Gifting Guide 2022Perfectly round, sterling silver beads featured on a sleek, shiny band. This ring style is extremely versatile, we see ourselves going back to it daily! Wear it on its own, or mix and match along with other simple ring designs to create your unique ring stack.

925 HOOKED ONTO YOUR LOVE RINGValentine's Day Gifting Guide 2022Sweeten your style with this masterful crafted hypoallergenic 925 silver jewellery piece that features an intertwined heart on 2 thin ring bands.Valentine's Day Gifting Guide 2022
We hope we’ve helped sort out your Valentine’s Day shopping!

Happy shopping! <3

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