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Keepsake Signet and Classic Rings

The cool concept of signet rings traces back to centuries ago. Signet rings were always one-of-a-kind because they were used as personal seals in the past, and the emblems marked on them were imprinted on important documents! Often worn mostly by men in the olden days, signet rings were a sign of status.
Signet rings
Today, signet rings are also extremely well-loved by women (ah...we love this fashion influence) and are considered major fashion statement pieces. Signet rings now come in gorgeous hypoallergenic silver, crafted in classic minimalist shapes and various sizes, making them extremely versatile jewellery pieces in styling different looks. Signet Rings
Today’s modern interpretation of these statement rings comes bearing a personalized symbol or initial. The individuality of a personalized signet ring makes it an ultra special jewellery piece to own!

signet ringsKeepsake Collection - Uniquely Yours, Rings

Our Keepsake Uniquely Yours series includes pieces that can be hand-stamped to add a special touch to your jewellery item. Choose to stamp any of our personalizable Keepsake rings with symbols or initials to make it exclusively yours! Packaged in a pretty gift box, every piece of minimalist 925 silver jewellery is sure to spark joy.
Font selectionPersonalizable Keepsake Signet Rings 

925 Lellogram Signet Ring Lellogram ring
This four-sided signet flat-top design makes such an effortless strong statement.
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925 Baby Boss Signet RingBaby Boss Signet RingThe Baby Boss Signet Ring is a miniature version of our hottest-selling Big Boss Signet Ring. 
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Personalizable Keepsake Classic Rings

You will never go wrong with classics, but these options take your style factor up a notch by being personalizable. Love!

925 Legaro Open RingLegaro Open Ring
The open ring design of this minimalist number makes it such a stylish piece.
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925 Simplo Round Banded RingSimplo Band Ring
This versatile round banded ring is a must-have staple in your jewellery box. 

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