A KIND OOOF’s Styling Essentials - Lustrous Pearls

We took a peek into our grandma and mum’s jewellery box, and it seems that every woman in our family owns at least one pearl jewellery item!Jewellery styling with pearlsPearls have endured the test of time, and have proven to be one of today’s most trending fashion classics. In the past, rare natural pearl jewellery were status symbols and presented only to royalty as gifts. Natural pearls were considered too luxurious for the common man to afford.Jewellery styling with pearlsWith the help of advanced technology these days, the creation of cultured or cultivated pearls have made wearing pearl jewellery more accessible! Real or faux, we absolutely love the look of these beautifully round, lustrous objects in fashion jewellery.Jewellery styling with pearlsThere are so many possibilities when it comes to styling with pearls. There is something for everyone, and here are our favourite styling options:

Pearl Pendants
The beauty of a single pearl is emphasised when it is worn simply as a pendant.Jewellery styling with pearlsTo create a subtle statement, choose to layer on different sized pearl pendants to spice up your neckline. We chose to layer on the smaller 925 Crystal Pearl Pendant Necklace along with the 925 Precious Pearlyn Pendant Necklace to create an interesting contrast.

Pearl Bracelets
You will never go wrong with a classic fully strung pearl bracelet like the 925 Karla Freshwater Pearl Bracelet. Its simplicity adds a touch of elegance instantly to any look.Jewellery styling with pearlsLayering with another pearl bracelet in a different style, like this 925 Beedee Crystal Pearl Bracelet keeps things casual and extra chic.Jewellery styling with pearlsPearl Ear Cuffs and Studded Earrings
Classic pearl ear studs like these 925 Urla Pearl Earrings are must-have classics that are suitable for work and play. These elegant trinkets instantly add a touch of femininity to your look. Jewellery styling with pearlsPearl ear cuffs are however not as common compared to ear studs, and we are super obsessed with them! The 925 Pearly Ear Cuff is such a stunning piece to have on, it will definitely draw attention to your pretty earlobes. If you are looking for a more glamorous option, the 925 Bejewel Ear Cuff is going to tick all your boxes of creating a statement look with all that extral bling!Jewellery styling with pearlsPearl Rings
Stacking rings offers so many possibilities, and the 925 Karla Freshwater Pearl Ring satisfies just that. Our favourite way is to layer on 2 pearl rings on one hand. Psst… we wear one on our left index and ring finger to ring in all our wishes, luck and love (hee!).Jewellery styling with pearlsFully Strung Pearl Necklace
A fully strung pearl necklace is absolutely classic, and you will never go wrong with the 925 Karla Freshwater Pearl Necklace or 925 Karlee Freshwater Pearl Necklace.Jewellery styling with pearlsThe simplistic beauty of the pearls shine through in a fully strung pearl necklace, and is suitable for every modern woman to add a refined touch to any look.jewellery styling with pearls
So…which styling option is your favourite? 

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