A HAPPY KIND OOOF DAY III - It's our 3rd Anniversary!

We are 3!!!
We could not have done it without you.A Happy Kind Ooof Day III
You made us who we are, so this year,
let us celebrate you too!

“3” is a magical number and it is greatly associated with connecting to our inner selves, and with things coming full circle.A Happy Kind Ooof Day IIIThis year onward, we wish for everyone to relish in the joys of striking a perfect balance in life, and may we be at peace with who we are.
A Happy Kind Ooof Day III

Every breath you take, seek peace.
With every step you make, strike a balance.
Relish in the simple pleasures in life,
and fill it with immense joy, love and happiness.
A Happy Kind Ooof Day III
Our brand owners, ZZ and Ethan have got a special message for everyone!A Happy Kind Ooof Day IIIThese days, seek inner balance
Learn to tell what is important
Practice choosing what you really need
Let love, let live
Start to create a life that best suits you
Let us live with the spirit of determination and grace
Persevere, focus on the things you love

- The spirit of A KIND OOOFA Happy Kind Ooof Day III

放下一些 保留一些

我想這就是A KIND OOOF想傳遞的精神
用一種任性對喜歡的事物執著A Happy Kind Ooof Day III

Message from ZZ, Brand Founder & Creative Director

Persistence is never easy. I am extremely thankful to have everyone’s love and support for A KIND OOOF, especially so during trying times.
❤️A Happy Kind Ooof Day IIIThrough these years, we have had the chance to connect with you, and have gotten so much feedback. With the team, we spent a lot of time discussing, tweaking, and improving the business to become the A KIND OOOF everyone loves today.A Happy Kind Ooof Day IIIThis connection with each and everyone of you is very precious to us. We greatly cherish and appreciate every single one of you with all our heart. Our A KIND OOOF brand is shaped by you - our dearest customers and followers!A Happy Kind Ooof Day III

From here onward, leave the hard work to us to continue building an A KIND OOOF that you will fall in love over and over again!A Happy Kind Ooof Day III
Message from Ethan, Brand Founder & Director of Operations

I am so very grateful for all the wonderful interactions we have had with each and every one of our customers. Thank you for always dropping us with encouraging messages and feedback.A Happy Kind Ooof Day III

One specific message that really left a huge impression on me was a note that read “ It doesn’t feel like a transactional relationship with customers. It always feels like family here.”A Happy Kind Ooof Day IIISuch words really mean the world to us, because that really shows that we are doing things right - keeping our A KIND OOOF circle close like family.A Happy Kind Ooof Day IIIOur dream is to build a community of like-minded individuals. We will continue to work hard to bring to you the trinkets that will leave a sparkle in your life, to build a brand that will inspire you to lead a life that is nothing short of beautiful.

A Happy Kind Ooof Day III

In celebration of A KIND OOOF's 3rd Anniversary, we have so much planned for you this month. Head over to our main page to check out our latest anniversary celebration campaign!

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