A KIND OOOF’s Styling Essentials - 925 Silver Necklaces

Way back in the olden days, necklaces were often made out of organic material like stones, feathers and shells. Today, you can literally find a huge variety but of course, our favourite are the ones crafted out of hypoallergenic 925 sterling silver.Hypoallergenic 925 silver necklaceSilver will not rust, so it is perfectly ok to keep your hypoallergenic necklaces on 24/7;  into the shower, to sleep, and even during your workouts! To keep your precious silver necklaces in tip-top condition, you just need to know how to care for these trinkets properly.925 Hypoallergenic Silver NecklaceWe are pretty sure you own at least one necklace, but there are so many minimalist styles here at A KIND OOOF that are great for everyday wear. Perhaps it is time to introduce new additions to your jewellery collection!Hypoallergenic 925 silver necklace
Types of Necklace:
1. Cable Chain NecklaceHypoallergenic 925 silver necklaceCable chain necklaces feature round or oval links. This necklace chain type resembles the iron chain used in anchoring ships! Many feel that this chain style seems more suitable for manlier looks, but we beg to differ!Hypoallergenic 925 silver necklaceFeaturing:  925 WEAVO LINK PENDANT NECKLACE925 MINIMALIST SILVIA PENDANT NECKLACE925 |HANDCRAFTED| HAMMERED PENDANT ON CABLE CHAIN NECKLACE

2. Snake Chain NecklaceHypoallergenic 925 Silver NecklaceThe weaved design of this necklace type resembles snakeskin, thus giving it its name. The sleek and shiny design makes this simple minimalist necklace style an extremely versatile piece to own.Hypoallergenic 925 silver necklaceFeaturing: 925 SNAKE CHAIN NECKLACE925 |HANDCRAFTED| OBLONGO PENDANT SNAKE CHAIN NECKLACE

3. Flat Link Chain NecklaceHypoallergenic 925 silver necklaceThis type of necklace is one of the most classic must-haves, and the flat chain design reflects light so beautifully.Hypoallergenic 925 silver necklaceFeaturing: 925 MINIMALIST ZIKI PENDANT NECKLACE, 925 FLAT LINK CHAIN NECKLACE WITH EXTENSIONS

4. Beaded Chain NecklaceHypoallergenic 925 silver necklace

The design of this necklace type looks like a bunch of beans strung together. It is also considered one of the more feminine chain types!Hypoallergenic 925 silver necklaceFeaturing: 925 VEIRA AMOR PENDANT NECKLACE925 ITALY GEOMETRIC BEADS CHAIN NECKLACE925 BEADS ON CHAIN NECKLACE, 18K GOLD VERMEIL, 925 BEADY SPHERE NECKLACE 

5. Rolo Chain NecklaceHypoallergenic 925 silver necklace

The Rolo features even, round links that makes this style of necklace a classically versatile piece of jewellery fit for any occasion.


6. Box Chain NecklaceHypoallergenic 925 silver necklace
This necklace style is made up of square links as its name suggests! Known for its strength and classic geometric style, the box chain necklace adds an extra edge to your style.


7. Combi NecklaceHypoallergenic 925 silver necklaceCombi necklaces are made up of more than 1 chain style on a single jewellery piece. More bang for your buck, more styling possibilities! Hypoallergenic 925 silver necklaceFeaturing: 925 |HANDCRAFTED| BUBBLY BOX CHAIN COMBI NECKLACE925 BEADY SNAKE CHAIN COMBI NECKLACE925 |HANDCRAFTED| JOI SMILEY COMBI NECKLACE

So which necklace style is your favourite?
There’s something for everyone here at A KIND OOOF <3

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