#Stayhomestyle Volume II - Athflow

Hypoallergenic jewellery
As our lifestyles transition and we stay in more, have you been living in your pjs these days?Hypoallergenic jewelleryThere’s no shame in that, but did you know that dressing up helps lift your mood and set the right tone for the day?Hypoallergenic jewellery There should always be an excuse to dress up even if we have nowhere to go. Of course there’s no need to overdo this, so ditch that little black work dress for now, and jump on the Athflow bandwagon!Hypoallergenic Jewellery
According to Pinterest, Athflow is 2021’s latest and hottest trend. The Athflow fashion trend speaks of easy, loungey and comfortable outfits that can still make you look put together for your virtual work meetings, quick supermarket or takeaway runs and more!Hypoallergenic JewelleryImagine wearing buttery soft athleisure wear, cozy knit apparels, and still look appropriately stylish for all your virtual meetings. WE LOVE! <3Hypoallergenic jewellery
We’ve been exploring this trend for a while now, and here’s how we’ve been styling it up to impress! Here are our current Athflow lifestyle staples:

Soft knitsHypoallergenic JewelleryFor early morning weekday lounging or sleep-in lazy weekends, soft knits are your best bet. We especially love our knits in neutral colours because they give off an exceptionally snuggly vibe. Hypoallergenic JewelleryThis combination that we have on here is also cute enough for us to wear out on our supermarket runs!

A coffeehouse playlist, some coffee or tea and your favourite fragrance

Set the right vibe, get into the right mood and take all the stress away! Hypoallergenic Jewellery
Did you know that some music and scents are proven to make you happy? As for coffee or tea, we cannot seem to function without. Hee!Hypoallergenic JewelleryStylish and comfortable activewear

Activewear is no longer only just meant for the gym! Hypoallergenic JewelleryWe absolutely love how comfortable it is to be in activewear all day, and donning a set that hugs all the right places makes us feel invincible! Hypoallergenic JewelleryHere, we’re sporting a set of newly launched activewear by JUUJAA. We absolutely love how versatile and stylish this set is. Hypoallergenic JewelleryHypoallergenic JewelleryThrow a blazer on, and we’re good to go for our meetings!Hypoallergenic JewelleryAthflow worthy hypoallergenic silver jewellery 

(saving our favourite part for the last!)

All our jewellery (unless stated otherwise) retailing at A KIND OOOF are crafted from high quality 925 sterling silver. Hypoallergenic JewelleryHypoallergenic silver jewellery is suitable for everyday wear, and there is absolutely no need for you to remove them during your shower or workouts since the trinkets will not rust, nor cause any allergy reactions. Hypoallergenic JewelleryThis makes these jewellery really fuss-free to style along with your Athflow apparel!Hypoallergenic JewelleryAnd yes, we woke up like that wearing all that jewellery because they’re really comfortable to have on, we actually do not need to remove them even during sleep!Hypoallergenic JewelleryWe’re loving how effortlessly stylish these pieces go with Athflow, and we are sure this trend is going to stay for a while.

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