Make more with less: Styling guide to minimalist silver jewellery in Singapore

Minimalist jewellery for every modern woman
Whether you’re out on a dinner date under the sparkling moonlight, chilling over cocktails at the beach, or having a casual lounge-in with your friends, silver jewellery adds that simple elegance to your look and makes you feel oh-so-fine wherever you are. Finding the perfect fit of jewellery will make all the difference to your everyday style - so we’ve got you covered with our guide to choosing the best style of minimalist jewellery in Singapore that suits you.
Grades of silver jewellery
There are many different grades of silver jewellery in the market, each made up of a unique combination of silver and other alloys, and flaunting a unique gleam, standard, and price for your pocket!
Fine 999 silver
Fine 999 silver is the purest and most expensive because it is made up of 99.9% silver and 0.1% of trace elements. Pure silver may sound like the most desirable option, but it is softer, and therefore tends to dent, gets scratched more easily, and pulled out of shape. Pure silver also has a more glass-like sheen compared to the bright shimmer of sterling silver.
More often used for jewellery like earrings and necklaces, Fine 999 silver is however not widely used to craft bracelets or rings as these items tend to come into frequent contact with hard surfaces. This causes the jewellery to get scratched and damaged easily.
Sterling 925 silver
Sterling silver, also known as 925 silver, is harder than pure silver and is made up of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper, nickel or zinc. The mix of silver with copper hardens the silver piece and makes it more durable, placing 925 silver as the quality standard for silver jewellery in the world. Used in all types of jewellery like rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, sterling carries a sparkling lustre that is oh-so-pleasing to the eye!
Your sterling pieces have to be well-cared for because they tend to tarnish over time and are softer than other metals. With jewellery cleaners and polishing products, you don’t have to worry about your sterling pieces losing their brilliant shine! Sterling silver comes marked with a 925 quality stamp so you can keep a lookout or check with your jeweller to ensure that you’re getting true, elegant 925 silver.
Silver-plated jewellery is usually crafted from a base metal like copper, nickel or zinc, and plated with a thin layer of pure silver. These pieces shine the same as fine silver, but they easily tarnish, revealing a dull base metal underneath. They contain only a very small percentage of pure silver and will not have a quality stamp on them. If you’re looking for lasting elegance, silver-plated jewellery might not fit your requirements.
You guessed it - sterling 925 silver is the best jewellery for everyday style and sophistication. Elegant, affordable, and practical for lasting wear, glam up your ensemble with beautiful 925 silver jewellery to adorn your earlobes, neck and wrists and fingers!
Silver jewellery for everyday elegance
Jewellery does not have to be big and bold to make a stylish statement. Simple, timeless, minimalist jewellery makes a streamlined mark on all types of outfits and styles - be it a fancy, gown-wearing social, or a casual and comfy head-to-the-mall fit. Minimalistic clean lines and effortless designs can subtly enhance your look without going overboard or stealing the spotlight!
If you don’t already own a piece of freeform silver jewellery, know that it is a definite must-have in your jewellery box. Flowing with graceful curves and cutting clean lines, freeform silver pieces can truly spruce up your look with a big dose of style.
Less is sometimes more, but you don’t have to be afraid of going too minimal with stacking silver jewellery. Stackables are essential for a creative and refreshing everyday flair. With hundreds of ways to stack your rings, your fingers will be effortlessly dressed with geometrical designs for any kind of stylish modern look.
Chain bracelets
Style it down with these modest and minimal chain bracelets. Chain bracelets substitute the fancy diamond shimmer with classy and sophisticated silver to grace your bare wrists. Paired well with both simple and sophisticated fits, you surely will pick up these  pieces more often than you imagine!
Ear cuffs
You don’t need a helix piercing to wear ear cuffs! Slide these cuffs easily onto the top of your ears for that added hint of beauty and elegance when paired together with simple studded or hooped silver earrings. Our pick - dress it up with a criss cross ear cuff for a feel-good walk around Orchard Road or a fancy dinner date with your girls!
Altogether, it’s so easy to adorn yourself with minimalist jewellery like a pair of silver earrings or a delicately twisted bangle for a candid modern look. The favourites of many young adults in Singapore, minimalist 925 silver pieces go a huge way in sprucing up an outfit.
Choosing the perfect rings adornment
Fall in love with an enchanting ring fit, and you'll be saying "I do"... to your rings. Different types of rings bring out the best in different fingers - whether long, short, slender or wide, you can find rings that nestle onto your fingers just right, bringing out refined beauty in your gentle touch. Find the most compelling rings for women with our special ring adornment tips below:
Long and slender fingers
Long fingers flaunt a versatile selection of ring designs effortlessly! The length of your fingers allows you to pull off just about any ring styles - although square and round designs work best with your fingers without adding any length to them. Choosing a wider band also complements your fingers elegantly, for instance, this 925 Chubby Round Ring or the Half Braided Ring from A KIND OOOF’s 925 silver ring collection.
Short and wide fingers
If you have stubby fingers, you will want to wear rings that make your fingers look gracefully longer. Rings with thinner bands do not take up too much length on your fingers, and elongated dainty designs like the 925 Elegant Chain Ring, will adorn your fingers wonderfully and create an illusion of length and elegance!
Play around with different shapes and styles until you discover what rings work most beautifully for you. A few exquisite pieces of silver jewellery open up so many opportunities for styling and infusing a subtle hint of grace on your fingers.
Jewellery-styling tips for all occasions
Finding the perfect ring stack
Minimalist rings are sure to be fitting for any occasion, but it also depends on how you choose to style your rings. If you’re heading to the office, it’s best not to adorn your fingers with too much silver; instead, keep it simple with a single timeless ring. Slip on a clean piece like our Freeform Tube Ring, Heartbeat Ring, or Water Dribble Petite Ring - all of which add elegance to your fit without drawing too much attention to the ring itself.
On the other hand, confidently stack multiple silver rings and don bolder designs when twirling out for an elaborate night affair.
Stacking your rings
The rule of thumb for an elegant silver ring stack is to mix up different textures, weights and shapes to create a balanced and fresh arrangement. Instead of wearing rings that are of the same thickness and shape, you can stack a bolder design with other dainty ones (like our Sky Full of Silver Stars Ring with the simple and smooth 925 Bubble Ring). To get started, choose a statement ring first before building your stack around it - the statement ring helps to create a more focused arrangement.
P.s. When stacking rings, more is not always better - it’s best that you keep at least two fingers empty so that your stack stays simple and sophisticated!
Tiered Rings
If you are not confident about building your ring stack, our fixed combinations of stacked rings are the magic solution. The 925 Handcrafted Three Tier Ring, for instance, works like a stack of three rings but is in fact a single ring that you can slip on quickly. The ring pairs a textured braided ring between two smooth classic silver rings - a minimal stack for maximum grace!
It takes time to find your unique style, so try out different ring combinations until you find what works best for your fingers. Mix it up and you might discover even more combinations for refreshing looks.
Silver necklaces for every neckline
Even the simplest silver necklace can elevate your outfit to new heights of sophistication - if you know how to style it right. Depending on the neckline, your necklace can gracefully show off your collarbones and bring attention to your lovely neck. Here, we share how you can style your minimalist silver necklaces to bring out the finest with every neckline!
A scoop neckline is rather versatile and works beautifully with any necklace that follows the plunging shape of it. Create your ensemble with a scooping pendant necklace that sits on your bare skin, above your neckline, filling the open space with some detail and heightening your simple fit with silver elegance. The 925 Smiling Chain Necklace is our go-to for scooping necklines - really, paired with this necklace, your look will just sweep - or should we say, scoop - you off your feet.
The stunning strapless neckline already flaunts your sharp shoulders and sensual collarbone - but paired together with a short chain or a choker, your neck and shoulders will look absolutely stunning. The rule is, the shorter your necklace, the more focus it brings to your neck area - and a shorter silver necklace will top off your look tastefully.
The compelling off-the-shoulder look works similarly to the strapless one. Also, choose necklaces that are shorter and rest above your collarbone to bring the attention upwards towards your neck and face. Even with minimalist silver necklaces, you can find bolder designs that make a more pronounced statement, like the 925 Double Curb Flat Chain Necklace for a precise and riveting look.
Cosy turtlenecks are still popular necklines despite Singapore’s hot weather! Instead of bringing the focus up to your neck area like for the off-the-shoulder or strapless necklines, you should bring attention down with a medium to long chain necklace. Feel free to play around with chunkier designs or pendant necklaces to decorate your fit with more detail. Our 925 Rolo Chain Necklace provides that weighty look and puts the cherry on top with a charming silver heart pendant.
The alluring v-neck neckline provides a lovely nesting space for a statement or pendant necklace. You want to wear a short necklace that rests just below your collarbone so that it balances out with the plunge of your neckline while flattering your collarbones. With a pendant, a V-shape is created that follows and compliments the V of your neckline too. Pendants add a simple flair and slight sparkle to your entire fit, and just brings more excitement to an otherwise plain neckline!
If you need ideas, the 925 Keepsake Necklace and 925 Rolo Necklace with Heart Locket Pendant are two out of our selection of pendant necklaces to accentuate your neckline and refine your outfit.
Layering your necklaces
Layered necklaces are the most versatile of all - because you can get them to fit any type of neckline you’re wearing! For example, by layering a simple, beautiful short beaded necklace with a longer pendant necklace that drops down into a V, you can match both a scooping neckline and a V-neck - as either necklace follows the shape and curve of both necklines.
The trick to layering your necklace is to include necklaces with varying lengths and thicknesses. A shorter length chain like our 925 Beads on Chain Necklace layers well with our longer 925 Hammered Pendant on Cable Chain Necklace because they balance out in length. The bead necklace also has a more intricate chain design compared to the plain cable chain of the pendant necklace, which is why they fit well together too.
Another styling option is to layer our 925 Handcrafted Onyx Love Pendant Necklace with the thicker and shorter 925 Double Round Link Necklace or a necklace with pearls. Our 925 Double Curb Flat Chain Necklace also functions neatly as the bolder and shorter necklace to pair with a longer one. If you’re unsure, choose a pendant necklace as the longer one, before finding a shorter chain that fits.
Altogether, silver it up with these delicate necklaces and experience that lift in style anywhere you go.
Mixing and matching your silver earrings
Ah, last but surely not least, earrings: the staple accessory in any modern woman’s wardrobe. From clean studs to breathtaking diamonds, earrings get it right by lifting your features and functioning as a super easy, essential accessory for absolutely everything. Here, we share tips for stacking multiple silver earrings to help you dial up your stunning look!
1. Start with basic round studs
Just by themselves, small studs breathe elegance into your look and can be worn for every occasion - to the office, a university lecture, or for a cosy night out with your friends. Simple and petite, studs can also be comfortably stacked without going over the top or overcrowding your lobe. These round ball studs are your go-to for a silver wink on your ears!
2. Throw in some fun with creative designs
With two piercings, you can keep your simple round stud and add to your stack with a more creative design. Lovers of all things cute can browse an adorable selection of 925 Lovely Garden, Daisy, Lovely Heart earrings and more from our online store; if you go star-eyed at more sophisticated designs, you can choose our Crumpled Form Round Earrings, Circle Link Earrings or Silver X Earrings too.
3. Bring in the dangle
You can have a single dangle earring in your mix to dress up your look even more - and swap out the fun studs for another time! Whether you are in love with our simple double line style crescent earrings or an elegant freeform design, these dangle earrings are sure to spice up some sophistication for a dressier or fancier event. Of course, you can also still have fun with cute summer leaf or love cookie hoop designs!
4. Top it off with elegant ear cuffs
Give your ear a snug hug with beautiful silver ear cuffs! Easily attach these curving beauties on to the highest part of your helix or along the side of your ear for a classy final touch. Ear cuffs work for anyone and everyone - you can own the helix look even without a piercing. Check out our Trio Silver Earcuff for triple the fun, or a simple Criss Cross style for gentle sophistication.
You can put everything together - round studs, fun studs, hoop earrings, and ear cuffs - for a jubilant ear party, or stick with an intimate two for leisurely class. It’s up to you to have fun with the irresistible selection of 925 silver earrings available in Singapore!
A KIND OOOF is an online jewellery shop in Singapore, selling exquisite 925 sterling silver accessories. Our designs are minimal, modern, and each handcrafted delicately to bring out the best in you. Enjoy free shipping for orders above $40 on your favourite silver pieces, shop with us today.
What to look out for when purchasing jewellery online
1. Check for quality silver
Ready to get shopping? When you’re buying silver jewellery online, you should first check the materials used by the jewellery store; for top-quality accessories, you want to choose only either 999 or 925 silver.
Sterling silver or 925 silver is often the silver of choice for rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces because they are harder than 999 silver jewellery that is easily damaged when pulled or scratched. It’s best not to pick plated-silver because it will tarnish easily over time - no way you want to find unsightly brown spots on your favourite jewellery!
2. If the ring fits… 
Before you make your exciting purchase on the online store, be sure to measure and choose the right size! You should be able to find a ring size chart on the online store to match your ring size to your finger. Since your fingers swell through the day, measure your finger only in the evening - or you might find that your ring gets tighter as the sun goes down.
For necklaces, just pay attention to the length of the necklace and check that it is the length that you desire. You can use a string to mark out the length as stated on the online shop, then put the string in a loop around your neck to estimate how the necklace will rest on your chest. Some jewellery stores offer their necklaces in different lengths, so you can choose which works better for you.
3. Buy it
Once you’re happy with your sizes, you can make your purchase through the online store. With us, you will receive a confirmation email and expect to receive your silver jewellery in about 1 - 3 business days. Until then, sit tight and await your delightful parcel!
Looking for the best style of minimalist silver jewellery in Singapore? Find thoughtfully handcrafted and affordable 925 sterling silver jewellery in limited edition designs at A KIND OOOF’s online store. We offer free shipping for orders above $40, shop with us today.

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