Hey Beautiful, Happy International Women’s Day!

International Women's Day | Blog | A KIND OOOF

At times, it is easy to get overly caught up in hectic daily lives, being overwhelmed at work, or being busy mothers caring for children, to the point where some ladies might start to lose their self-identity. We are here to remind all you beautiful women that it is impeccably important to practice self-care, and simple things like spending some time to doll up, can be a great way as a perk-me-up for a healthy mind and soul.

Read on for some tips on how to pick out versatile daily 925 silver jewellery that best reflects your personality, and yet not hinder your daily superwoman routines!

Daily 925 Silver Jewellery That Reflects Your Stunning Personality

Picking out jewellery pieces that best flatters your style and personality is not difficult at all. To create a signature style, identify what are some lifestyle habits that you have, and determine how wearing a certain type of jewellery will best suit, yet not hinder your habitual routines. It is also important to ascertain the persona you would like to project – are you more feminine, edgy, boyish?

1. The Feminine Woman

The Feminine Woman | Blog | A KIND OOOF

The Feminine Woman dresses and behaves in a traditionally girly style, mostly donning dresses, skirts and blouses. She is sophisticated, often optimistic, kind and confident. Dainty, yet intricately designed heart shaped or floral inspired pieces will never go wrong with feminine looks. These pieces crafted out of 925 Sterling Silver lasts a lifetime when cared for properly, and will be sure to make you feel like a modern-day princess.

Our Top 3 Best-selling Jewellery picks:
International Women’s Day | Blog | A KIND OOOF
1. Lovely Garden Earrings
2. Love Cookie Pendant Necklace
3. Allure Ring

2. The Edgy Woman
The Edgy Woman | Blog | A KIND OOOF
The Edgy Woman is always dressed fashionably and is explorative when it comes to dressing up. She is strong-minded, independent, and charismatic. She Is not afraid of experimenting with various looks, and always pulls off the simplest styles with extreme poise. Chunkier, stackable staple daily 925 Sterling Silver jewellery is perfect for edgy individuals because the possibilities to mix and match is endless.

Our Top 3 Best-selling Jewellery picks:
International Women’s Day | Blog | A KIND OOOF1. Rolo Chain Necklace With Heart Pendant
2. Nine Sided Polygon Ring
3. Chubby Round Ring

3. The Boyish Woman
The Boyish Woman | Blog | A KIND OOOF
The Boyish Woman is often donned in looser clothing, pants and can look effortlessly good in even men’s clothing. She is strong-willed, adventurous and often sporty. The Boyish Woman also tends to accessorize more minimally, and often prefers simple but yet unique and customizable designs. Chain-styled daily 925 Sterling Silver jewellery and simple pendants add a touch of sass to the boyishness, but yet keep one’s look sharp.

Our Top 3 Best-selling Jewellery picks:
International Women’s Day | Blog | A KIND OOOF
1. Flat Link Chain Bracelet
2. Handcrafted Keepsake Necklace
3. Cuban Chain Ring With Blank

Sowhich type of woman are you beautiful?




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