Our fellow villagers for A KIND OOOF Village Part I


The sole idea for A KIND OOOF Village was to gather a strong community of like-minded brands. It has been such a great honour working alongside the talented people behind these local brands for our very first virtual popup at A KIND OOOF. Here’s a huge thank you shoutout to you guys who are on board!

A KIND OOOF - Oh hey, that’s us!
Since embarking on A KIND OOOF, we wanted to touch the hearts of all our customers through jewellery expression. Till today, we continue to work on our big goals of bringing to you minimalist jewellery that is the epitome of style.A KIND OOOF Village - A KIND OOOF

"We’re thankful for our customers! Honestly, it takes a lot of heart to run a business, but our customers have been there every step of the way since the beginning and this keeps us going. They are the source of our motivation."
- ZZ & Ethan, A KIND OOOF
A KIND OOOF Village - A KIND OOOFWould you just look at these really gorgeous 925 Silver jewellery pieces adorned with opulent opal stones? Opal is said to help boost feelings of balance and peace - just what we wish for everyone this year.A KIND OOOF Village - A KIND OOOFThese were specifically designed to be an event exclusive, only limited pieces in stock! Psst… it took a while for us to perfect these pieces, cos we wanted them to be as great as you are. A KIND OOOF Village - A KIND OOOF925 Silver Opal Beaded Chain Necklace925 Silver Opal Link Chain Toggle Bracelet925 Silver Opal Vine Chain Necklace

Aesthetic decorative items have this magical way of dressing up your space, and these exclusive sets are also specially put together for this event!A KIND OOOF Village - A KIND OOOFA Trinket Tray For Pearls

Which set are you going to pick to spruce up your space?A KIND OOOF Village - A KIND OOOFAn Artsy SpaceA Dressy Desk

Butler Koffee - The sustenance we all need!
We knew Butler Koffee when they started catering for events with their mobile coffee cart. They have captivated our taste buds since!A KIND OOOF Village - Butler KoffeeAt this present moment, they have their very own cosy space (you might spot us there working offsite), serving up fresh brews and sumptous bakes while still continuing to delight many at their catering events.A KIND OOOF Village - Butler Koffee"Looking back at those difficult times, this really reminds us of the beauty of never giving up on what we love and continuing to work hard. Everything will eventually lead us to brighter days, if we keep trudging forward, 
one koffee at a time."
-Alicia, Butler Koffee

For A KIND OOOF Village, they have raised the bar by coming up with an Exclusive Cold Brew Set to bring home closer for our Taiwanese Co-founder ZZ!A KIND OOOF Village - Butler Koffee*A KIND OOOF x Butler Koffee Exclusive*
Exclusive Cold Brew

Get ready to be transported right to the fragrant tea fields while sipping on these exclusive cold brew teas.

Fayy - A friend we met at a popup!
A popup actually brought us together! We resonate a lot with the folks at Fayy because they are also a husband and wife pairing behind the scenes. In fact, their brand name derives from the founders’ names – Farid Yan and Adelene Yin.A KIND OOOF Village - FayyTheir dedication to a zero-waste production practice for their handcrafted items is extremely inspiring, and it is definitely something that we look up to. Adelene chanced upon an eco-friendly material that could fulfil her artistic dreams. Fast forward till this day, Fayy has been wowing their customers with handcrafted lifestyle homewares.A KIND OOOF Village - Fayy

"Keep innovating and be the first to launch
something new and for us,

it is to create something which can resonate with someone
and that they will be proud to own."

-Adelene, Fayy

These are so cute! The Seashell Oblong Tray and Just Go With The Flow Wave Multipurpose Holder in these colourways were specifically crafted in A KIND OOOF colours.A KIND OOOF - Fayy*A KIND OOOF x Fayy Exclusive*
Seashell Terrazzo Oblong TrayWave Multipurpose Holder

We wanted to contribute to their zero-waste spirit, so these trays are spruced up using some of ZZ’s seashell craft materials. Absolutely love how these work as trinket trays for our jewellery! 

Pretty Poke Nails -  We don’t need to go to a nail salon!
Have you ever sent a “poke” on Facebook to get someone’s attention? Guess what, the name “Pretty Poke Nails” was somewhat inspired by that, and this is too cute to be true! We actually knew Pretty Poke Nails via Instagram and their catchy name really stuck with us.A KIND OOOF Village - Pretty Poke NailsThrough our first interaction, we knew we were speaking with a very driven brand owner behind the brand who really hustles hard to bring to you all these pretty nail wraps that put our own self diy manicure to shame.A KIND OOOF Village - Pretty Poke Nails“In my free time, I browse Pinterest or Instagram for nail inspo and during work I try to experiment and create with different colorways and elements. We also like to get inspiration from our followers and have them suggest colors or designs they would like to have!”
- Maryanne, Pretty Poke Nails

We’re huge on neutral palettes, and the nail wraps within Pretty Poke Nails’s exclusive Easy-peasy Gel Manicure Kit are what we see having on all the time. A diy-manicure has never been so easy, and pretty!A KIND OOOF - Pretty Poke Nails*A KIND OOOF x Pretty Poke Nails Exclusive*
Easy-peasy Gel Manicure Kit

Love this compact kit that includes a UV lamp, topcoat and your choice of nail sticker by Pretty Poke Nails. We’re obsessed!


We’ll be sharing all about our other 3 fellow villagers in our next blog post. In the meantime, get ready to shop away at A KIND OOOF Village!
So many goodies, so much shopping to do! 
Are you ready to shop?

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