Our fellow villagers for A KIND OOOF Village Part II


We are ready to share about our other 3 amazing labels for A KIND OOOF Village, with the people who matter the most to us - you! Now let’s shine the spotlight onto Part II of our fellow villagers, and check out their event exclusives available till 31 August 2022!

Stillgoods - Aesthetics inspo! We might have been stalking them on Instagram.
The aesthetics of Stillgoods is so on point. We have been fans of their visuals on Instagram for a while, and it’s so exciting to have the opportunity to extend this event invitation.A KIND OOOF Village - StillgoodsThe brand’s philosophy of making beautiful things accessible is so very relatable to ours, and wow, need we say more? They really blow us away with their imagery, and high quality products.A KIND OOOF Village - Stillgoods"We are still in the works to expand our “functional decor” range and working on the feedbacks we have received from our partners and customers over the 2 years.
I hope you will be excited to see our  new products!"
-Caroline, Stillgoods

This exclusive Discovery set by Stillgoods got us spoiled for choice with so many scent options to choose from. A KIND OOOF Village - Stillgoods
*A KIND OOOF x Stillgoods Exclusive*
Discovery Set (2 x 50ML Multi-sprays)

It is also in such a handy size, you bet it’s going to be in our bag everywhere we go! Also absolutely loving the fact that Multi-sprays can be used as a portable hand sanitiser, room spray and instant surface cleaner.

The Rituals Co. - Gonna make our home smell like theirs!
Who loves using scents to transform a space’s ambience like we do? The Rituals Co. checks all our boxes when it comes to offering a variety of products to help one relax, refresh and rejuvenate. A KIND OOOF Village - The Rituals. Co.We actually bumped into The Ritual Co.’s brand owner at an event, and it was really nice to meet another like-minded local brand owner whom we resonate with. The brand is all for working together with other inspiring labels, just like us!A KIND OOOF Village - The Rituals Co.

"We are expanding our range of wellness products in the philosophy of being a
part of one’s self-care ritual. We hope to continue to grow in that direction, in collaboration with other inspiring local brands in Singapore."
-Susanna, The Rituals Co.

The Ritual Co.’s exclusive item features their latest Yuzu Lavender Candle! We’re lighting the Yuzu Lavender candle up everyday. What a way to get into the mood for some work/play in the comfort of our homes.A KIND OOOF Village - The Rituals Co.*A KIND OOOF x The Rituals Co. Exclusive*
Rituals Gift Set

Oh, and did we mention? Their rinse-free hand sanitizer that is included in this set also comes in so many options, we’re so spoilt for choice!

THEE - More, is more when it comes to flavour.
Time to maximise our Nespresso machine!
We use our Nespresso machine to make coffee almost every morning, and now, we get to make tea too! Tea is no longer boring with THEE, and we are so excited to do a taste test for every single flavour. A KIND OOOF Village - THEEGone are the days where we have to wait for our tea to be steeped for 2 (or isit 3? 5?) minutes to enjoy its maximum flavour. Trust us, every brew has you in mind. Besides, they have extensive experience in the cafe scene, so they’ve got it all figured out!A KIND OOOF Village - THEE"By encapsulating our handcrafted eastern and western tea blends into pods, you can always expect a consistent cup of freshly brewed tea each time – all in a minute!"
- Charlene, THEE

We’ll be treating ourselves everyday, because we can with THEE! This exclusive set makes such a good gift, we’re going to definitely impress some Nespresso users and tea lovers! But first, we’re getting one for ourselves. A KIND OOOF Village - Thee*A KIND OOOF x THEE Exclusive*
Tea and Tea Cup Set

Can’t wait to try both the Empress Garden and Honey Granate flavours included in this set!

Our village doors are open, and there is no better time than now to shop local!

Take 5% off any 3 items across participating brands at A KIND OOOF Village from now till 31 August. Your Singapore shipping will also be taken care of. ;)

Go go go!

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