Our Mantra - Balance & Peace

Every breath you take, seek peace.
With every step you make, strike a balance.
Relish in the simple pleasures in life, and fill it with immense joy, love and happiness.A Kind Ooof Balance & PeaceKicking off our 3rd Anniversary theme of “Balance & Peace”, we hope that these photographs shot by our ZZ, our Creative Director, will inspire and resonate with you. A Kind Ooof Balance & PeaceToday, put on your favourite playlist, laze in bed, savour a comforting cup of tea, and take an afternoon to yourself - you totally deserve this.A Kind Ooof Balance & Peace

Rest your mind,
Calm your heart, 
Feed your soul.A Kind Ooof Balance & PeaceSeek peace among the chaos.A Kind Ooof Balance & PeaceIn trying moments, 
be calm, stay unruffled.A Kind Ooof Balance & PeacePull back, slow down,
take life sip by sip.

These images have greatly inspired us, so we would like to share them with you! Our craft box sticker images have been updated, and it will feature one of these 4 visuals that we have picked out. Which one did you receive?A Kind Ooof Balance & PeaceWe've also created wallpaper backgrounds from these visuals. Head over to our Instagram "Balance & Peace" highlight to download.


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