5 Tips On How To Mix and Match Gold With Silver Minimalist Jewellery

Minimalist Jewellery
Once considered a fashion faux pas, matching gold with silver jewellery is now embraced in the fashion world. Minimalist gold and silver jewellery pair effortlessly without becoming too overpowering and they always breathe elegance no matter how you wear them. But how do we ensure that we will not go over the top and end up looking like a fashion accident? Here are 5 useful tips to don your minimalist jewellery with elevated style and utmost grace!

1. Pair The Right Tones of Silver With Gold
Consider different tones within the gold and silver metals that might make for a more graceful match. The colour of 14k gold is of a more yellow tone compared to 18k gold. In this case, you can either pair 18k gold with lustrous 925 silver to achieve a more balanced look between the two pieces, or you can choose to layer a 14k gold piece, with a warmer toned 18k gold piece to create an elegant, brilliant stack.

Suggested A KIND OOOF Jewellery Pairing:

At A KIND OOOF, our AU Collection offers an extensive range of 14k and 18k gold gilded jewellery that are dazzlingly luxe, classic, contemporary and affordable.Gold JewelleryTo match a blend of silver and gold, you can choose to create a simple bracelet stack, wearing two identical bracelet styles in varying tones. For example, match our Elegant Chain Toggle Bracelet in 18k Gold Vermeil with another piece in the silver option! These two put together helps create a beautiful contrast whilst maintaining a harmonious overall look.

Gold bracelet

Alternatively, pair two delicate bracelets like the Duo Cable Chain Bracelet in 14k Gold Vermeil with the Figaro Chain Bracelet in 18k Gold Vermeil to create a bold, sophisticated style.

 2. Layer Your Jewellery

Layering jewellery is a good way to mix gold and silver together more intimately, for example, making a silver and gold ring stack, pairing silver and gold necklaces together, or wearing multiple earrings are great ways to create different styles out of your jewellery box.

Follow the same rules as stacking the same-coloured jewellery. For rings, choose a statement piece and build your stack around it. At the same time, keep the look subtle by wearing rings on at most three of your fingers. For necklaces, we recommend layering only two pieces together to create a clean and elegant look. Choose a shorter and longer necklace to create visual symmetry, and consider balancing a thicker-chained necklace with a more delicate one.

 Fitting various tones of jewellery side by side flaunts an interesting style and brings focus to the details! 

 3. Find A Balance When Styling Jewellery

Gold and Silver earrings

 As you layer gold and silver, pay attention to how they balance out. Wearing predominantly silver or gold accessories can be overly jarring, so it is best to even them out to achieve a cohesive look. 

4. Style It Up With Mixed Metal Jewellery Options

Mixed metal jewellery pieces are lovely for finishing off your blended-colour look. These are pieces that contain both gold and silver tones, and function as a ‘bridging piece’ that allows you to don gold and silver in your other accessories. A single mixed piece is often sufficient for pairing with other gold and silver jewellery for a simple, chic match! 

5. Wear A Consistent Jewellery Style That Fits The Occasion

Every jewellery piece has a unique vibe and style, whether cute and casual or smart and sophisticated. Keeping your jewellery styling consistent, and suitable for a certain occasion helps bring out a cohesive, and well put together vibe without being overpowering. 

Suggested A KIND OOOF Jewellery Pairing:

Minimalist Jewellery

 You might wear an adorable floral necklace for a fun, casual, and relaxed look for a picnic at the beach; or keep it sharp, clean and stylish with a chunky chain necklace for a party night out. 

We hope that the above tips will inspire everyone to experiment with mixing and matching silver with gold!


A KIND OOOF retails a range of exquisite handcrafted 925 silver, 14k and 18k vermeil gold pieces that are minimalist in style. Check out our range of limited edition designs, and find your favourite blend of gold and silver jewellery on our online store at www.akindooof.com !


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